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Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

There are several benefits to having a tankless water heater installed for your residential or commercial property. These benefits include your water being heated instantly, they supplement hot water tanks, heat your water more efficiently, long term savings and it is a low-cost investment for your property. Please take the time to read through this article if you are considering the installation of a tankless water heater and give us a call at Mainstream Services today on 512-930-9535.
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When Do You Need a Professional Plumber?

There are many basic plumbing jobs that you may seem to handle easily on your own. However, when it is about protecting your property against water damage or more complex jobs, it is best to leave them to the experts. Professional plumbers have gone through specialized educational courses, extensive training, and have years of experience. They have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to locate, identify and fix leaks, clear clogged drains, install gas lines, and do much more in a safe way without causing any damage.
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Tips for Hiring a Plumber

In this blog article we would like to discuss some very valuable tips for hiring a plumber. It really can be overwhelming when you realize you need a good and reliable plumber for there are so many choices out there. Let us provide some things for you to consider when wanting to hire the services of a professional and reliable plumbing company like us here at Mainstream Services. some of the most important things to tick off your list are the company history, their reputation, to see some project examples, check out their customer reviews and how responsive they are with contacting you!
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