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Plumbing Leak Repairs in Cedar Park, TX

Plumbing Leak Repairs, Cedar Park, TX

A leak in the plumbing or drainage system of a property, whether residential or commercial, can prove to be a nightmare to deal with. Apart from the inconvenience of leaking water on surfaces that should be dry, it can also result in water damage to the property. Therefore, water leakages need immediate and expert repair services. If such a problem has emerged in your property, you can always hire Mainstream Services. We happen to be one of the leading companies offering reliable plumbing services in Cedar Park, Texas. Our expert professionals can provide you with reliable services. We provide several services, catering to customers facing various plumbing problems.

Sewer Line Repairs

Among the various leakage issues that can appear in the plumbing system of your home, sewage line leaks are the most troublesome. After all, the sewer lines carry water coming from the bathrooms and the kitchen. The contaminated water can pose a health hazard, besides the risk of causing damage to the property. We can repair your sewer line quickly and efficiently, thanks to the expertise of our professionals. If necessary, we could even carry out a replacement.

The problems that could potentially arise from a sewer line make it imperative to have them repaired at the soonest. We can resolve a variety of sewer line problems, such as:

  • Broken seals
  • Grease buildup
  • Clogging
  • Tree roots damaging the sewer pipes
  • Corroded pipes and more

You would ideally want to have your sewer lines repaired by experienced professionals, to reduce the chances of new problems cropping up soon.

Slab Leak Location & Repairs

A slab leak is a major plumbing issue that can cause severe damage to your property. Slab leaks occur when the plumbing system running under the foundational slab of the home cracks or leaks water. The water would erode the soil under the building, thus removing the support from underneath the concrete slab. Under the weight of the building, the slab would eventually develop cracks.

Apart from the structural damage, the cracks in the slab would allow the leaking water to come up through the basement. This is what the term ‘slab leak’ refers to. The water entering through the leak can easily flood your home, damaging your furniture and electrical appliances. The longer you leave it that way, the wider the crack would grow and the more damage the water would cause.

The best way to deal with a slab leak is to hire a professional who can precisely locate the leak and fix it. Trying to locate the leak by yourself may not be the best choice, as without professional equipment, you could end up punching too many holes into the slab.

Water Line Repairs

The pipes that supply water to your home are constantly under pressure. As a result, it isn’t uncommon for these water lines to leak. A damaged water line not only causes inconveniences, but also poses a health hazard, as the water is vulnerable to contamination.

Some of the signs which hint that you need water line repair services are:

  • A constantly wet area in your yard
  • Discoloration water
  • Decreased water pressure from the taps and other fixtures

A leaking water line can cause several problems, in addition to the wastage of water. The leaking water can cause structural damage to the building or stain the walls. If the leakage is somewhere underneath your garden, it could also turn the area soggy.

For any such plumbing leak, hiring a professional is far better than trying to repair it yourself. DIY techniques that are effective are mostly temporary solutions, to control the leak until a plumber arrives. You may call Mainstream Services at 512-930-9535 or fill up this Online Form so that we can contact you. We can provide you with professional plumbing services at reasonable rates.

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