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5 Tips For Water Conservation

Water Conservation, Georgetown, TX We at Mainstream are involved in many activities that help the community. Efforts like water conservation greatly benefit the people and the environment. Here are a few helpful tips for water conservation:

Shower For Less Than 5 Minutes

If you enjoy taking long showers, you need to know that, on average, a person takes up to 17 gallons of water per shower. Now, multiply this number with all your family members. You will get a rough estimate of the amount of water used. This is one of the best ways to save water staying at home.

Also, based on the showerhead, you could be using around 5 gallons per minute. Taking a 5-minute shower can easily help you save a significant amount of this precious resource. Besides, you can also consider switching your showerhead to a low-flow one. This will help you save a lot more over time.

Install A Water-Saving Toilet Flush Systems

This is another highly effective way to save water. Keep in mind that flushing toilets are one of the most significant sources of water wastage (5-7 gallons per flush). When you install a water-saving flush system, you can save over 184 gallons over a year.

This method is slowly increasing in popularity, as people have started taking the initiative to conserve water, reducing its waste. When you switch over to a new flush model that requires less water, you not only reduce water consumption but save a considerable amount on your water bills.

Turn off the Water While Washing Your Hands or Brushing

If you wish to take serious steps to conserve water, this is one of the most basic ones you should practice. This isn't just for your house, but every place you visit as well, which includes your office, restaurants, and other such sites.

You can save roughly 20 liters a day by putting this simple method into practice. Just turn off the tap while you wash your face and brush your teeth. This can easily be implemented in every household. It has a two-fold benefit, i.e., reduced water bills and water conservation.

Don’t Keep the Tap on While Washing Utensils and Clothes

Washing clothes and utensils are other household chores that use a lot of water. However, you can end up saving a considerable amount by waiting for the sink to fill up and washing them all together rather than one at a time.

Turn off All Taps and Fix Leaking Pipes and Toilets

Besides turning off the taps that are not in use, regular maintenance checks and replacing old leaking pipes are another excellent way of saving water. You can easily save up to 75 liters by doing these simple things.

A few additional ways you can conserve water is by not wasting half-empty bottles. You can use it to water your plants or fill birdbaths. Rather than hosing down your driveway, consider using a broom to get rid of the debris. Combined, these steps will significantly reduce the overall wastage, conserving water for the future.

For more information on tips for conversing water, get in touch with the professional plumbing company, Mainstream Services at 905-934-3934 or send us an email via this Online Form, and we will get back to you shortly.

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