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4 Drain Cleaning Solutions

Drain Cleaning, Georgetown, TX Clogged pipes are a severe and annoying drainage problem that can cause water to pool around drain openings, make gurgling noises, and even emit a rotten odor from the kitchen sink. Root incursions, grease, grime, and debris like food particles can build up on the insides of pipes and lead to a clog. The best strategy for drain cleaning in the modern day is ultimately up to the discretion of the plumber. Here at Mainstream Services Inc., we employ several different drain cleaning methods.

These are standard drain cleaning solutions that are effective in clearing dirty or clogged drains:

Drain Snakes

Commercially available drain snakes are operated manually, often known as drain augers. However, these are no match for a motorized, professional grade drain snake. A drain snake is like a long corkscrew in that it snakes down a drainpipe, drilling into any obstructions, and then either pulls them up or splits them apart.

A drain snake can remove any clog in the hands of a skilled plumber. Professional plumbers frequently utilize snakes in addition to augers to swiftly remove obstructions. When combined, the snake's sharp prongs puncture the blockage, and the auger's hooked end pushes at it, bringing small objects like jewelry / to the drain’s opening.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro-jetters are powered tools that use high-pressure water shot via a narrow nozzle. Slowly lowering the hose into a drain can use boiling water to dislodge obstructions and flush off grease and oil buildup. This is among the most effective methods for cleaning drainpipes and reducing the likelihood that dirt will re-enter the system. Trained professionals should only do hydro-jetting because of the risks of high-pressure water (many hydro-jetters shoot out water at 7,000 psi).

Draino Liquid

Pipes drain more slowly because sludge solidifies and blocks water flow. If you ignore the warning signs, the situation will only become worse. If you see the draining process slowing down, you can apply a chemical to disintegrate or dissolve the built-up sludge, clearing the way for water to flow freely once again through the pipe. You can buy chemical drain cleaning products like Draino liquid in solid or liquid form; all you must do is read the packaging directions to figure out how to use it. However, while selecting a drain cleaning solution, ensure it will not harm humans or the pipe material.

Drain Filters

Prevent clogging of bathroom sink drains by keeping hair and soap residue out. Installing a mesh filter or slotted shower drain hair-catcher over your tub or shower drains is a great way to prevent hair from falling into the drain. You can use either one to gather hair while allowing water to pass through. A drain filter for a shower drain can be fabricated from stainless steel, silicone, or a hybrid of the two. To prevent hair from accumulating and causing a blockage in the shower drain, you can install a screen into the stopper for the tub or shower.

If you are looking for high-quality drain cleaning and plumbing services, you are at the right place. For more details, please call Mainstream Services Inc. at 512-930-9535 or complete the form on this page to send us an email.
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