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Tips For Detecting Gas Leaks

Gas Leak Detection, Georgetown, TX Gas leaks are dangerous and need immediate attention. In addition to being hazardous to your health, gas leaks pose a considerable fire risk. As soon as you believe there might be a leak in your home, you must contact a qualified plumber. Remember that regular plumbers lack the knowledge and skills to handle gas-related difficulties.

Therefore, it is essential to contact professionals like us who specialize in these operations. We at Mainstream Services Inc. provide our customers with high-quality gas leak detection, and we have the expertise to do the work in a timely and secure manner.

Signs of a Gas Leak

If you suspect a natural gas leakage in your home, you should immediately switch off the gas meter/pilot light and contact the gas company. This step is crucial to avoid any harm to people and property. You can also call a licensed gas plumber to test all the gas installations and appliances for leaks and vulnerabilities. Some common signs of gas leaks include the following.

  • Smell Test: If you notice a smell like rotten eggs or sulfur in or near your house, workplace, or neighborhood, the smell could be caused by a gas leak. Natural gas has no odor, and it is colorless, so gas utility providers add mercaptan an odorant, to alert you of a gas leak.

  • Bubbling In Water or Dead Foliage: Outdoors, symptoms of a suspected pipeline leak include blowing dirt, frequent bubbling in pools of standing water, and dead plants in an otherwise thriving area. If the flame on your stove, water heater/furnace is yellow instead of blue, there is a problem with how the gas is burning. It could raise the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning and increase fuel costs.

  • Hissing Sound: Unusual sounds such as hissing, or roaring might signal a pipeline rupture. You may have a gas leak if you hear a hissing sound near your natural gas pipes, meter, or appliances or if the natural gas appliance does not ignite.

Gas Pressure Test

Gas pressure testing is a foolproof method for detecting (and preventing) gas leaks in your house. Pressure testing identifies any vulnerabilities in a natural gas system. Verifying the pipes, fittings, and joints' integrity exposes your pipeline to greater working pressures.

Depending on the scenario, pressurized air, water, or gas may be used for testing. You can call a local plumber for this test before the gas pipeline is put into operation or to test existing gas lines on your property. If you suspect a leak in your home or commercial premises, call us immediately. We offer prompt and efficient gas leak detection.

For information about this and our other residential and commercial plumbing services, please call Mainstream Services Inc. at 512-930-9535. You can also send us your queries via this Online Form, and one of our experts will contact you soon to discuss your requirements. We offer quick and accurate gas leak detection to commercial and residential clients.
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